BOSU Core Workout

Our BOSU Core Workout features 4 amazing exercises to leave your burning for days. Learn the moves, scaling, and faults in this comprehensive post.

Bosu Core Workout

You’ve probably seen the BOSU used in trendy Instagram workouts, and in those “Get abs in 30 days” challenges all over the internet. But unlike many come-and-go health and fitness trends, there’s some serious science behind this funny looking dome trainer that makes it well worth a closer look.

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BOSU stands for “Both sides utilized”, and serves as a reminder of BOSU’s versatility as a piece of exercise equipment.  Our Bosu Core Workout utilizes the added stability challenge of having an uneven surface can seriously boost muscle recruitment in the core.  In the Bosu Core Workout we involve a lot of stabilizers that go undertrained in the majority of workout programs (looking at you obliques!). These stabilizers have a profound effect on spinal alignment, making the BOSU an ideal tool for improving posture and balance.

If you’re thinking “Great, but how do I use it?”, then look no further! In this article, we will show you 4 exercises geared to target every part of your core for a full body stability workout, explain how they are done, and give you some tips for making them easier or harder as needed.

BOSU High lows – Bosu Core Workout 1

Technique: Start with the BOSU dome side up, with forearms flat on the ball shoulder width apart in a plank position. Push up with one arm at a time until a push up position is achieved, maintaining your plank throughout the exercise. Once steady, lower yourself back into the forearm plank. Alternate starting arms, and repeat.

Advantages: The BOSU high low has all the core benefits of a plank, while also training upper body strength and stability.

Faults: The most common fault is allowing the torso to rotate during the push. If your abs are not engaged, you will find your trunk twisting to assist in the push.

Scaling: For beginners trying the bosu core workout, get in the starting position and try to maintain the forearm plank for 1 minute. If you are looking for a challenge, try this exercise with your feet elevated on the BOSU (flat side up) and forearms on the ground.

BOSU Knee to Elbow Plank

Technique: Start in the forearm plank position, dome side up. Draw one knee up to the outside of your elbow, then return to your plank. Switch legs, and repeat for as long as the plank can be maintained.

Advantages: As well as working in the plank position, this bosu core workout is a fantastic way to target the obliques. It works nearly every single facet of the core as well as assisting with balance and stability.

Faults: If the abs start to get fatigued, you may find your hips dropping lower and lower towards the floor. This places strain on the lower back, so stop and rest, or consider switching the move for an easier variation.

Scaling: If this move is too hard, try working on your BOSU forearm plank first. If you’d like to target the obliques first, try the move without the BOSU. You’ll lose the added stability benefit, but it still works well for training core and obliques. (see spiderman push-up)

BOSU Mountain Climber & Bosu Twisting Plank

Technique: Start with BOSU dome side down, hands flat shoulder width apart. Starting with one leg, draw your knee into your chest while maintaining plank position. Extend leg back into plank position, and switch sides.

Advantages: In addition to working the rectus abdominis (otherwise known as the “six pack muscle”), this is a great way to work your entire lower body.

Faults: While performing this exercise, you want to make sure you are not dropping your hips, or allowing your arms to bend.

Scaling: If you find yourself consistently performing one or both of the above faults, work on the BOSU push-up plank first. For all you core warriors out there, try the BOSU twisting plank. The setup is the same, but instead of drawing your knee into your chest, draw your knee into your opposite elbow while keeping the leg parallel to the ground (see video).

Bosu Core Workout
While innocent looking, this little half ball should leave your core burning for days.

Bosu Core Workout - 4 Amazing Core Exercises with the Bosu IG

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