Client Transformation Story – Tom L.

Tom L. wins our Client Transformation of the Month.  In just 30 days, Tom L. lost 11 pounds and put on 2 pounds of muscle.  Here’s how he did it.

Client Transformation Story – Tom

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Losing 11 pounds is an impressive feat.* But we didn’t give Tom a magic weight loss diet. We didn’t have him run hundreds of miles a month. He didn’t run at all. And he didn’t even have a kitchen to prepare his food. What Tom did was execute better on the basics.

  • A straight-forward, 2400 calorie diet.
  • Two very tough (but age appropriate) workouts per week.
[icon name=”quote-left” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] I am going to tell you again, if you want to be successful at weight loss you need 3 things:

  1. a mindset to make positive change;
  2. determination to follow through on your nutrition;
  3. a no quit attitude.

If you want to train me with me it’s going to be tough.  It has to be tough.  If you want to change the way you look, we have to change the way you eat and the way you train.”

Paul Roberts on Personal Training

Tom did it.  He lost 11 pounds of fat lost and gained 2 pounds of muscle in a single month are numbers to be proud.  I didn’t build him a fancy weight loss plan.  We didn’t do sexy exercises like barbell snatches, double unders, or muscle-ups.  We did the foundational exercises.  Foundational exercises are foundational because they work.  If you think you are too strong for my foundational program… don’t worry … I have 49 more advanced programs to start you on.


Tom was gracious enough to do an interview with us.  Here’s what Tom had to say in an interview with us:

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“I attribute my success to really five factors:

  1. COACHING: Of course, the fabulous coaches at Sand & Steel.  They are motivating and careful with my technique.
  2. DISCIPLINE: As good as the coaches are, it’s really me that put in the effort.  I’m the one who made the right decisions at dinner.  I’m the one that had to push that damn sled (see video above) until my lungs hurt.  These are my results… I earned them … and it was worth it!
  3. PERSONAL TRAINING: Consistency in the fundamental exercises.  Lots of personal trainers choose fancy exercises to do with their clients.  Probably to justify the cost of the training.  At Sand & Steel, my program is very basic.  Bodyweight training and occasional use of dumbbells and BOSU’s.  My numbers speak for themselves: sequencing and selection of the right exercises is everything.  Do the basics better… and you will reap the rewards.
  4. NUTRITION: I’ve attended about 4 nutrition sessions with Paul.  Paul is very direct and honest about what it takes to lose weight.  What I really like is that Paul can customize the diet around your individual needs.  For example, I don’t have access to a kitchen right now, just a microwave.  Did that stop me?  No… don’t let it stop you either.  The time to start is today.
  5. Mobility and Flexibility: I am approaching my 60th birthday.  I’ve come to realize the importance of having coaches who really understand the biomechanics of proper movement.  Sand & Steels’ coaches work with me to improve my shoulder range of motion.  Additionally, when I can’t do a specific exercise, the personal trainers at Sand & Steel scale the exercise so I can do it correctly.”
Biomechanics and Movement
Tom’s program is called biomechanics and strength.  This program is adapted and scaled to every client.  In this program, we’ll help you learn to execute the fundamental patterns: squat, hinge, press, pull, hollow, extension, and more.  Careful attention is paid to shoulder mechanics, hips, and knees.  The goal of this program is to help you move better.  As you get stronger, this program grows with you.  We start to add in more complex movements.  The strict press becomes the push press.  The push press becomes the push jerk, etc.

10 Sessions a Month is All it Takes

Tom came to Sand & Steel 10 times in the month of April.  He didn’t work out on his own.  On his off days, he used his extra time to food prep and work on the corrective exercises we gave him.   Not Too Much and Not Too Little.  Getting Results like Tom is a matter of consistency and planning.  It’s understanding your diet and sticking to it 100% of the time.  It’s about giving us 100% in every workout.  It’s about not making excuses for missing sessions.  If you are ready to put your weight loss into high gear, we welcome you to check out the Get Steel Strong System – Our VIP Training Program.  Let’s Get Strong this Summer!

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★★★★★ This Isn’t Training at a Chain Health Club or Gym, This is Where you Go for Results.

If you are looking to take care of a lingering physical ailment, like shoulder pain or are just looking to feel and look more healthier, or want to be more flexible and mobile, you’ve found the right place. Everything that Paul, Dawn and the other trainers do is customized just for you. And they are extremely knowledgeable too. This isn’t training at a chain health club or gym, this is where you go for results. You won’t be doing the same old stuff, in fact you’ll be doing things you’ve never done before. If you want results, give them a try. You’ll be glad you did and your body will too!

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Tom’s Favorite Workout on Biomechanics and Strength

My First Metcon

4 Rounds Metcon

  • 30 Valslide Hamstring Curls
  • 6 laps sled push maximum speed #155
  • Transverse Box Step-up 15 per side
  • 20 staircase laps Farmer’s Carry dumbbells

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* Individual Results May Vary. Tom earned his results through dedication and close adherence to his diet.

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