Detox FAQ Removing Toxins From Your Diet

Tip #2: What Are Toxins and How Should We Remove Them?

Have you ever wondered whether detox diets work for weight loss? Do they even work at all? This FAQ covers some of the seminal aspects behind these so called detox diets and helps you make smarter decisions about removing toxins from your body.

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Why do most people detox?  Is it effective?

People detox to lose weight, alleviate GI symptoms, improve energy, reduce headaches, or improve recovery speed.  Often, self-detox methods are not effective, because the detox method chosen isn’t linked with the toxic side-effects they are trying to remove.  Additionally, detoxing requires balancing micronutrients which require the analysis of food journal.

What are some of the Benefits of Removing Toxins from your Diet?

Detoxing can help people sleep better, improve weight loss speed, decrease body pain, etc.

There are many ways to detox. Which form of detoxing is most effective/healthier?

Really the most effective way is to have an expert look at your current diet and determine:

  • If there are too much of certain kinds of foods in your diet
  • If there are not enough of other foods in your diet.

With that information, you can get specific recommendations whether to add food or remove from your diet.  Removing toxins is more than simply buying the latest fad detox shake or system is not likely to be effective.

Which detoxing system is the most beneficial or harmful?

For most people, simply removing common allergens (soy, gluten, and dairy), alcohol, and processed foods will do wonders for reducing toxins.  For clients we work with, we frequently have them start with these five things in their first two nutrition sessions.

Green Smoothie Detox FAQ Removing ToxinsWhat is Detoxing Anyway?

Detoxing really means the process of reducing the intake of toxic foods into your system.  You have to be very careful about reading the nutrition labels of food.  Try to select foods that only have ingredients that you purchase in the whole form (especially avoid industrial oils.)  A good rule of thumb is that unless the food is a seed, nuts, or grain … it should spoil without refrigeration.  Twinkies will likely be available 40 years after the last date Hostess makes them (preservatives are frequently toxic when eaten too frequently.  They might not kill you, but they frequently make you feel lethargic.)

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