Jonathan Cardenas: Signature Coach

Personal Training Certifications

  1. NASM Personal Training Certification
  2. CPR/AED Certified (American Red Cross)

About Me: I started my fitness journey when I became a sophomore in high school. I was a very skinny kid who weighed 107lbs at the time. I was an  unconfident kid and I wanted to be happy with my body. I was devoted to becoming a better version of myself. I read hundreds of articles and watched countless videos on how to workout and get in shape, but I felt like there was just way too much information out there. I couldn’t tell right from wrong. I kept getting more involved with lifting weights and dealing with heavier loads and eventually got injured. It was one injury after the other. I had no idea what was causing the injuries, but I knew that it was due to my lack of knowledge. The outcome led me to wanting to learn how the body works and how to prevent injuries. I decided to become a personal trainer and I got my education from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I learned a lot throughout my journey thus far, and I’m still learning. I restructured the way I train and fixed a lot of my injuries. 

My Goal: I want my clients to embrace their journey and help them achieve their fitness goals in a safe and healthy manner. There is just way too much information out there and it tends to get tricky when you have no help. I am now 22 and I could confidently say that fitness has helped me become the person I am today. I’m extremely disciplined, hard working, persevering, and most of all, I have gained this fire inside of me to help others. I am not here to tell you that you need to get the best physique ever, but I will say this; getting fit and healthy can mean a lot of things. You just need to find out what it means to you. I, as a coach will help you achieve your goal in the safest way possible.

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