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The Fitness Class, CoreFit, brings an intense, calorie-scortching, workout experience. Master TRX, Bosu & Kettlebell workouts. WOD Kettlebell Leg Workout.

Unlike other classes, CoreFit TRX and Kettlebell Classes are designed for members that have preexisting injuries.  From a fitness instructor point of view, this makes building a workout much more challenging.  But we are going to go behind the scenes and show you how Paul built this kettlebell leg workout for Larissa.  We’re going to break down the alternating swing, Medball Situp, and the Medball step-up to help you find your appropriate scaling.  Whether you choose to take CoreFit in a private training or in our group fitness classes, you can always expect a challenge.

Larissa’s performance on this kettlebell leg workout wins her best workout of the week.  As her coach, it was truly inspiring to watch her power through this workout — seeing how far she has come.  Here’s a video of the kettlebell leg workout.

Personal Training Workout.  For time, collect 160 Points:

  • 10 Left Leg Russian 8# Medball Step-ups
  • 10 Right Leg Russian 8# Medball Step-ups
  • 1 Minute of 8# Medball Situps
  • 26 Alternating 25# Kettlebell Swings

Points = number of reps on the medball situp.  You have to complete all the other exercises (kettlebell swings and stepups as fast as possible.)

Fitness Class, CoreFit. Kettlebell Leg Workout

A Big Shout out to Larissa for her amazing performance in this Workout #20

Kettlebell Leg Workout

This particular workout was handcrafted for Larissa.  Larissa and Paul had been working on the kettlebell swing in the last 3 sessions.  Session by session, Larissa’s skill with the kettlebell improved.  As you can see is this demo video, Larissa has become quite skilled in the kettlebell swing.

Key Performance Points on the Kettlebell Alternating Swing

  1. Swing the bell high close to the groin;
  2. On the backswing the palm faces down;
  3. Back is flat and feet should face forward (zero degree turnout)
  4. Knees stay over the ankles, knees do not travel forward like a squat.
  5. Cervical spine and thoracic spine are in-line with lumbar spine (eyes on the kettlebell)
  6. Aggressively snap your hip forwards.
  7. Kettlebell travels upwards in reaction to your hip extension.
  8. Engage the lats and keep the bell close to you.
  9. Hand rotates medially 90 degrees allowing for the hand to hand transfer.
  10. The hand transfer occurs on the upswing and must be completed before the direction of travel of the kettlebell changes.
  11. Eyes on the kettlebell as the upswing ends.
  12. Pull the kettlebell downward back into the loading position.

The Step Up - Kettlebell Personal Training

The step-ups are a very powerful exercise.  They look very simple, but there is a lot of technique that goes into their performance.  Step-ups can be done with just bodyweight, with a medball as shown, or with a kettlebell.

Kettlebell Step-ups come in four flavors:

  1. Farmer’s carry variation: where the kettlebells are held in a farmer’s carry position.
  2. Goblet Variation: where the kettlebell are held at chest height.
  3. Shoulder variation: where the kettles are held on the shoulder.
  4. Overhead carry: where the kettles are held with the arm overhead.

The above list is sequenced in technical difficulty.  In our fitness classes, we guide you as to the appropriate difficulty.  As you bring the kettlebell higher, maintaining a neutral spine becomes more difficult.  While the overhead carry is a great variation to challenge positions, sometimes going heavier on easier variation is a better choice for that particular athlete.

In Larissa’s CoreFit workout, Paul selected the medicine ball with a press, because Larissa has a shoulder injury which was uncomfortable with the kettlebell.  The medicine ball was less stressful for her weak shoulder.

Medball plyobox Russian Step-up

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