Loops Bands by Kettlebell Kings

Loops bands or hips loops are used for conditioning and strengthening the hips and thighs.  Compared to their rubber counterparts, aka, the mini-band, loop bands are heavier weight and more durable.  Loops bands are also easier to put on than mini-bands.  Alternatively, mini-bands are less expensive and better for lower resistance exercises.  If you are serious about glute training, both should be in your training toolbox.

Kettlebell Kings contacted us, and asked whether we would be willing to review their Loops Bands.  We thought they’d be a fantastic addition to our Butts & Guts class, so we said send them over.

Loops Bands Kettlebell Kings Open

What Comes in the Package?

  • Teal band: longest size and lightest resistance.
  • Purple band: medium size and medium resistance.
  • Pink bands: smallest size and the highest resistance.
  • A mesh carry case with a pull tie.  Durability on this case seems adequate, and we suspect it will last two-three years in a commercial setting.

Overall, we found these hip loops to be of generally good quality.  As with most hip loops, the resistance level is pretty high.  They are appropriate for advanced to expert-level athletes.  The fabric itself could be a little softer, but the tougher design holds its form quite well.  As of today, Kettlebell Kings has them on sale for $12 for all 3.  That’s a tremendous value.  With three resistance levels and a convenient carry case, the Loops Bands by Kettlebell Kings is an easy 5-star recommendation.

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