Mobility Flexibility and Partner Stretching

How to Improve Mobility and Flexibility through Partner Stretching, PNF Stretching, M|WOD, and Yoga

Mobility helps improve range of motion of tight joints and muscles, and it helps stabilize and strength areas that have too much range.  This article demonstrates provides two example exercise routines for people needing additional range of motion in the hips, ankles, and thorasic spine.  Plus you’ll find numerous linked articles at the bottom covering all topics associated with stretching, stabilization, yoga, and mobility.

Mobility, Flexibility, and Partner Stretching
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What is Mobility Training?

Mobility Training includes Diagnostics of where your range of motion and muscle control is limited.  Mobility training is excellent for rehabbing injuries for knees, backs, shoulders, ankles, etc.  We utilize targeted flexibility exercises and progressions to improve your range of motion.   We treat the body as an integrated unit, mobilize joints and muscle from the toes and ankles to the neck and grip.

If the joint or muscle is tight, we loosen it.  If the joint or area is too loose, we strengthen and stabilize it.

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Our Qualifications and Certifications in Flexibility and Mobility Training

  • Functional Movement Screen Level I and II certification and equipment,
  • Muscle Activation Technique’s Jump Start Program
  • M|WOD Movement Specialist.
  • CrossFit Flexibility Certification,
  • Kelley Starrett’s Supple Leopard,
  • Bob Anderson’s Stretching Techniques
  • Kit Laughlin’s Stretching and Flexibility,
  • Move2Perform Y-Balance Test certification and equipment,
  • Yoga Movement Patterns
  • Gray Institute’s Three Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System.


Sample Mobility/Flexibility Workouts

Mobility and Stretch Session Example Workout 1

Focus Areas:

  • T-spine (thoracic spine) flexion and extension,
  • Hip Range of motion particularly gluteus medius, and
  • Ankle mobility — through joint distraction — and calf mobility through PNF stretching
MovementsT-Spine Dowel Rotation2 Sets5 Breaths
T-Spine Rib Grab2 Sets5 Breaths
Cook Leg Lowering Extension with yoga block offset2 Sets10 Reps
Adductor Ball knee squeeze6 Sets10 Seconds
Cybex (Functional Trainer) leg Adduction3 Sets10 lbs15
Frog Stretch3 Sets10 seconds
Plate Ankle Mobility3 Sets510 Seconds
Dead Lift Hold4 Sets30 seconds
Vertical Dowel Ankle Mobility4 Sets3 log holds 7 pulses
Pigeon stretch3 Sets10 seconds

Mobility and Stretch Session Example Workout 2

Focus Areas:

  • Hip Health: internal and external rotators
  • Groin: specifically the adductors including brevis, magnus, and longus
MovementsHalf kneeling Airex Hold3 Sets5 Breaths
3 Point valslide lunge2 Sets10 Reps
Medball straight leg Hold with hand flutter8 Sets20 Seconds / 10 Second Rest
Laying down medball squeeze with moving foot on valslide6 Sets6 seconds
Laying down medball squeeze with moving foot on valslide – wide leg variation.6 Sets6 seconds
Flexed and pointed foot variation.6 Sets6 seconds
Knee flexion internal rotation on Swiss Ball – isometrics and different hip angles, and different rotation angles.  Use the sled to adjust the swiss ball distance.6 Sets6 seconds
Box-elevated groin stretch (feet parallel) hands together elbow to knee3 Sets5 breaths
Swiss Ball Knee squeeze (hold ball with hands to stabilize)10 Sets3 log holds 7 pulses
Swiss Ball Straddle into pelvic hold10 Sets8 Seconds

Mobility vs Flexibility vs Yoga vs Stretching

Mobility, Flexibility, Yoga, and Guided Partner Stretching

I am assuming you are already convinced on the importance of exercise.  And if you scroll down a bit, I will break down the differences between mobility, flexibility, yoga, and stretching in careful detail.  Without sufficient mobility you cannot be all that you wish to be.  This applies whether your chosen craft is golf, strength training, CrossFit, or endurance running.  You are not as efficient as a runner, you are more likely to get injured as a golfer, you are slower in CrossFit than you ought to be, and as a power lifter your recovery times are slower.

Mobility is critical for all sports and physical activities.  Period.

What is Mobility and Flexibility Training

Mobility Flexibility Stretching

Mobility, Corrective Exercises, and Range of Motion

How do we improve mobility?

  1. For range of motion we use flossing, joint distraction, and gapping.
  2. For Stability and Muscle Control: we use balance stabilizing tools, yoga, exercise tubing, and Cook bands.
  3. Fascial Release: we use the battle star, nova balls, lacrosse balls, and trigger point.
  4. Muscle activation and corrective exercises: we use isometric exercises and exercise bands to improve the mind muscle connection.
  5. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching: to retrain the brain’s connection with muscle to improve the brain’s confidence and control over muscles with allows for improvement of flexibility.
  6. Partner Stretching: through using a coach to help stabilize and direct stretches, the athlete is able to improve the function the stretch and really mobilize the intended muscle and joint group.

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