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In Monday’s Powerlifting Class, we return to the Low Bar Back Squat.  We might be the only gym in Northern Virginia that teaches the low bar back squat.  We know it’s harder to learn, but it is a better squat.  When done properly, you can low bar squat more weight than you can with conventional high bar back squat.  On Monday, we’ll teach you how it’s done.


Paul using a Duffalo Barbell for Low Bar Back Squat (using a Buffalo Bar).  

In the real world and Northern Virginia, we squat to lift things up. We have to control our core and pelvis in real time with real weight. If you are going to use a leg press machine, keep your reps high 8-12 land your rest periods high (2-3 minutes) like a bodybuilder. But 1 rep maxes on a leg press machine? That strength doesn’t translate to real world applications. Doing a 1 rep max leg press only serves to increase your risk of injury.

Every year, all the exercise machine companies try to revolutionize the leg press to make it safer, closer to the squat pattern. You know what’s even better? The real barbell squat. The barbell squat will always be superior to the leg press. The squat builds pelvic control, core strength, and balance. You don’t build those sitting on your butt with your hands glued to a machine.

Leg press machines are great for physical therapy, and they are helpful if you have a back injury. But I’m sorry, your 600-pound incline leg press selfie doesn’t impress me.  If you want to learn how to squat for real, please join us on November 30 for our Low Bar Squat Clinic taking place during our Strong class in Northern Virginia. 4:45PM; 5:30PM; 6:15PM; 7:00PM

Strong Low Bar Squat Clinic – Northern Virginia

Low Bar Back Squat Technique Overview.  If you are late to class –> it’s 4 calories on the Echo Bike for every minute you are late.  You don’t even need to ask –> look at the clock when you get to the class area, and begin pedaling.

Low Bar Back Squat Article

Barbell Squat: High Bar vs Low Bar Back Squat

We are going to have a group lead discussion on:

  • Why do we low bar Squat?
  • How do you low bar squat?
  • How is low bar different from high bar?
  • Is high bar or low bar better for me?

Low Bar Back Squat 10-10-5-5-3-2-2-1-1-1 (Expert and Advanced)

Low Bar Back Squat for load (Northern Virginia Gyms):

  • #1: 10 reps
  • #2: 10 reps
  • #3: 5 reps
  • #4: 5 reps
  • #5: 3 reps
  • #6: 2 reps
  • #7: 2 reps
  • #8: 1 rep
  • #9: 1 rep
  • #10: 1 rep

Low Bar Back Squat 5×5 (Intermediate and Beginner)

Low Bar Back Squat for load (Northern Virginia Gyms):

  • #1: 5 reps
  • #2: 5 reps
  • #3: 5 reps
  • #4: 5 reps
  • #5: 5 reps

TRX Rip Trainer & Suspension Trainer Tabata (Conditioning)

20:10 for 12 Minutes

  • L Rip Trainer Plyo Squat Row
  • TRX ST Squat Row
  • R Rip Trainer Plyo Squat Row
  • TRX ST Cycle Jumps

It’s like a Tabata – only much, much worse 😈😈😈. Time to burn the turkeys🍗🍗🍗

*Beginners can do a step version or simply regulates their speed.

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