Six Months of Yoga Classes — Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

Mary has been taking yoga classes for about six months.  Coach Ira catches up with Mary to talk yoga and provide you with some insight if yoga is a good fit for your training program.

Hi my name is Mary Obrien, and I have been taking classes here at Sand and Steel for a little over 6 months. I decided to add yoga to my training routine, because it’s a really good addition to any workout regimen.  It helps you focus on your breath and feel your muscles and sort of give you an opportunity to rejuvenate while also strengthening.

I like that that it helps me focus on my breathing and it gives me a way to go outside of working out and just in my everyday life to find a way to calm down and listen to my body and then also it helps lengthen your muscles and give a way to help your muscles restore between between more vigorous workouts.

I find her (Coach Ira’s) to be a really great combination of a traditional Hatha with a restorative emphasis. You are definitely getting that yoga workout, where you are actually using your muscles and strengthening and lengthening them.

Yoga also helps your muscles stretch to the point where there is restoring. Restoration is important if you have overdone it during the week.

So I have a really crazy job where three days a week I am out in the office, and two days a week I am out on a jobsite where it is very physically demanding. It’s (the private yoga sessions) a really nice mix for me because I am kind of all over the place, where I have sitting issues, and where I have over done it in other aspects.

I highly recommend you try yoga at Sand and Steel. It will help your body recover, so you keep going at it in your workouts and professional career.

Mary Obrien | @MEOFSU32
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