Transverse Abdominis (TVA) Exercises

Coach Kyle Demonstrates 2 Key Transverse Abdominis Exercises to Strengthen the Core and Stabilize your Hips for Squats and Running.

The Traverse Abdominal Muscle is known by many names.  T/A, TVA, Trans Abs, Transverse Abdominis, etc.  But whatever you call it, you need it strong for barbell clean and squat.  Coach Kyle demonstrates two key prehab exercises for improving TVA strength and function.

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Why Do We Need the TVA?

The TVA stabilizes the pelvis.  Increasing Pelvic Stability allows us to heavier closed chain exercises like the squat and hip thrust.  It also helps with exercises like running and basketball.  To play sports and lift big weights, your pelvis has to move.  But you need the strength to hold it in the correct position without injury.  If your TVA is too weak, you’ll usually hurt your back.  So watch the video, listen to Coach Kyle, and book your personal training sessions.  – Coach Paul out.


Two Ab Exercises that I Think are Really Important for Engagement of the T/A.  T/A which is your transverse abdominis.  We are Going to Demonstrate the T/A First.

Exercise 1: Take your two fingers right above your hip bone and then move into your belly button just a little bit, which let us locate the transverse abdominis.  We are going to draw-in our belly button.  You should be able to feel the muscles engage.  Situp and hold for 5 seconds and then release.

Exercise 2: Samurai Smash.  We are going to put a medball between our legs here.  And follow the same steps as before.  We crunch up and smash the ball with our arms and core.  Holding the ball between our knees for 45 seconds


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