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Our full database on VIPR exercises and techniques (over 14 videos). Featuring Conditioning, Balance, and Corrective Exercises for the VIPR.

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Summary of the VIPR

The VIPR is a powerful substitute for a barbell in a group class setting.  It’s versatile grip variations (rim and neutral grips) allow for a great number of variations in the exercise.  There are few exercises such as the squad and thread the needle that resembles kettlebell movements.  The VIPR is extremely durable as it’s made from solid rubber.

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Move Better with the VIPR Exercises

On it’s onset the VIPR is a challenging piece of equipment to learn.  In some ways it works like a sandbag, and it other ways it works like a barbell.  However, it’s best uses are in plyometric movements and long arcing movements.  Sand & Steel is proud to break down the technique of 14 of our favorite VIPR Exercises.

Sara joins me in demonstrating some key Vipr Exercises.  The VIPR is an amazing functional training piece of equipment.  It’s very versatile in that it can be used for barbell movements, but it’s best used in long sweep arcs.  We particularly, enjoy using the VIPR in complex lunges and use it to replicate real life patterns.

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In terms of weights, we recommend purchasing the 4KG, 6KB, and 8KG for 80% of clients.  Strong clients can use the 10KG and 14KG VIPRS.  The 16KG+ is better suited for personal trainers or very competitive athletes. Another great benefit of the vipr is for 1 leg deadlifts and rotating deadlifts.  It works very well for plyometric and jumping exercises.

Sara Vipr Overhead Press Transformation Before and After

Barbell Movements and Exercises

As shown in the video below, Sara has been able to learn about 20 key barbell moves in about a month (most clients take about 8 months to learn this many exercises.)  In the video, Sara demonstrates the deadlift, bent over row, clean, jerk, split jerk, squat jerk, front squat, squat clean, overhead squat, snatch, and the snatch balance.  This video also provides plenty of coaching techniques and personal training techniques for these movements.

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Vipr Movements and Exercises

In addition to barbell movements, Sara has done a lot of work with the Vipr.  The Vipr is a key piece of equipment for functional training – excellent for building shoulder strength, stabilization, core, arms.  In the video, Sara demonstrates the Vipr Squad, the plyometric overhead lunge, and the Vipr snatch balance.  Sara also joins her personal trainer Paul Roberts in a workout, and as you can see, mightily out does him in his own workout.

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Paul Roberts: Personal Training, Mobility, Yoga, Nutrition

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BioMedical Engineering - Johns Hopkins University.
Juris Doctorate - Rutgers.
Yoga, M|WOD, CrossFit Level II, 3DMAPS, FMT, FMSII, YBT, RKC, TRX, PN.

Paul has trained over 3000 clients and more than a 100 personal trainers over his 10 years as a mobility and strength coach.  He emphasizes safety and corrective exercises in all programming (strength, weight loss, conditioning, etc.)  His practice focuses on improving flawed movement patterns to prevent injury and improve skeletal-muscular function.  Paul employs a balanced approach in training utilizing his training Yoga, CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Movement Courses to systematically strengthen weakened muscles and mobilize joints and muscle tissue.  Move Better ... Train Better.

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