Powerlifting Gym Alexandria VA

Finding the Best Powerlifting Gym in Alexandria VA

5 Pro Tips on finding a powerlifting Gym in Alexandria VA.  Powerlifting gyms, Olympic lifting gyms, and CrossFit gyms are different than joining a mainstream gym like Onelife Fitness or Gold’s Gym.  Most of these gyms don’t have an “open gym” membership, and those that do usually offer limited hours.  Here’s how you find the best powerlifting gym when travelling to a new city.

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CrossFit Powerlifting The Strong Class 2

CrossFit Powerlifting
The Strong Class

A Strength Training class utilizing powerlifting and Olympic lifting. You’ll master the Bench Press, Squat, Standing Press, Deadlift, Power Clean, Jerk and many other time-proven techniques to make you stronger. It’s addictive, as you surpass your previous records. If you want to be Strong, this is the class to take.


CrossFit KORE

It’s like a spin class for your whole body. KORE leverages the TRX, Kettlebells, and Bosu to improve your balance, strength core strength, and dial in your movement mechanics. KORE features the same style of CrossFit programming you love with new exercise patterns to master.

Sandbell and Weight Loss Program

Sandbell Sandbag Workout Program

Sandbell | Sandbag Workout

The Fast and the Fit.  Advanced Level.  High-Intensity Interval Training for Weight Loss.  10 unique, sweat drenching workouts that you can do anywhere.  Excellent for travel and hotels.

Yoga Classes Alexandria VA Alignment 88 Base Pose Class

Yoga Alexandria Alignment 88 Class

Master the 88 base poses of yoga. Each base pose in yoga has 10-20 variations. We systematically find the best variation for you during the alignment yoga class. Each class features 15 unique poses that teach and modify for you. Once you know your variation of each pose, we flow the poses together into an individual crafted yoga vinyasa. Alignment 88 is uniquely designed to be challenging even for certified yoga teachers, while still being approachable to the absolute beginner.

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training provides you two-way, interactive, video coaching on workouts individually crafted for you to do in your home gym or living room. With our online personal training, you’ll have a complete, custom workout program that you will do with your online personal trainer.

Each workout in your program is designed for you specifically. Everything can be customized. Online personal training workouts are tailored to fit your space: basement, living room, porch, etc. Your online personal trainer will customize the workout to support any preexisting injuries or mobility restrictions. Your online workouts are built to use the exercise equipment that you already own. There is no new equipment to buy, and we use everything you already have.

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