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Dance Video Workout

8 Dance Video Workouts

Don’t have a kettlebell/dumbbell to do a workout?  Here are 8 great dance video workouts to help you get your sweat on and burn some extra calories.

A Dance Video Workout at Sand & Steel?

Not worry, you won’t see Paul posting his own Dance Video Workouts anytime soon.  :-).  But since dancing is a great form of exercise to burn extra calories, I thought I’d share 8 of my favorite video workouts for when you are traveling.

At Sand & Steel, we focus on powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Kettlebell exercises, and TRX Suspension Training.  We also prioritize functional strength training, weight loss, and corrective exercises.  View all Online Workouts for Home and Travel

Sometimes though when you are traveling you might not want to do a kettlebell/dumbbell workout.  Sometimes you’d like an easier exercise workout program, where you can just sweat away some extra calories.  Here are 8 of my favorite dance video workouts, all free on youtube.

Zumba Dance Video Workout

Zumba combines South American rhythm and dance styles with strong choreography to create dance workouts.  While I wouldn’t really consider them workouts in the high-intensity category, you’ll get 400-500 calories from completing them.  Plus, you’ll get better at dancing.

Video Thumbnail

zumba fitness workout full video- Zumba Dance Workout For Beginners- zumba dance workout h

Hip Hop Advanced Choreography Dance Video Workout

If you want to check out some slick rhythm in a dance video workout, this was one of the best dancing style workouts I could find.

Video Thumbnail

Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran – Fitness Zumba Dance Video – Choreography

Butt-Lifting Dance Video Workout

This Afro-Carribean dance workout targets the booty and legs. Instead of being a single-song workout, this one lasts 20 minutes and includes a warm-up.

Video Thumbnail

Fat Burning Dance Workout – Fat Burning Dance Routine

Dance Aerobics Style Workouts

I like this style a little better, as it’s more focused on the training than the music.  One of the tougher dance video workouts I could find.

Video Thumbnail

10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs Workout: Burn to the Beat- Keaira LaShae

Tabata Dance Workout Video

I am not sure this really works in terms of music.  I like tabata for conditioning, but for a dance video.  Workout is OK, we’ll see if this becomes a thing.  This video has 32K likes, so some people definitely must enjoy it.

Video Thumbnail

30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories

7 Minute Quick Dance Workout Video

Sometimes you only have 7 minutes I suppose to fire up your workout and get moving.  If nothing else, it makes a nice warmup for some of these other workouts.  It’s a really good 7 minutes so I recommend you scroll through this dance video.

Video Thumbnail

7 Minute Video Vixen Dance Workout | ELLE

Cardio Booty Workout

Again this kind of booty shaking video really isn’t my cup of tea — but I can’t argue with 11K likes.  This particular video has a good conditioning sequences throughout.

Video Thumbnail

Latin Dance Workout For Your Living Room (So You Can Dance Like Nobody’s Watching)

Jazzercise Dance Workout Video

Jazzercise doesn’t have too many videos on Youtube, but here’s a good sample one so you can see if Jazzercise is a good fit you.

Video Thumbnail

Jazzercise to Party Rock Anthem

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