Finding the Best Personal Trainer

Looking to Hire the Best Trainer in your area? Download Sand & Steel’s free eBook on what questions to ask your next personal trainer.

Personal Training Standards

Your progress as an athlete is directly proportional to the knowledge and experience of your coach or personal trainer.  In order to find the best personal trainer, you need a qualification tool at your disposal.  Personal Training Standards is that tool.

Download a Copy of Personal Training Standards

The eBook covers:

  • Questions on exercises that can only be answered with actual coaching experience.
  • Questions concerning proper body mechanics, and weight loss programming.
  • Questions on human anatomy
  • Nutrition: going beyond macro nutrient balancing
  • Nutrition: sports supplements, joint pain, and hypertrophy supplements
  • Nutrition: Food prep and recipes
  • Nutrition: Recovery and hydration
In addition, the exam provides you with a physical fitness test for your coach to perform, as well a nutrition worksheet analysis.  To make sure your next personal trainer is best trainer you can find – hand them this eBook.

Personal Training Standards is Comprehensive in Its Scope

This is the same eBook we used to build our Mentorship Program at Sand & Steel.  It’s an amazing tool for to rapidly slice through personal boasting and puffery that some coaches use to substitute for actual talent and experience.  There is no way to b.s. your way through this exam, either you know the answers or you don’t.  Plus, if your coach can get a good score on this exam, you know it’s a coach we would likely hire to work at Sand & Steel

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Key Questions to ask your next personal trainer:

  1. Ask the coach to write out the last 3 workouts you did.  You are looking to see what kind of program they are using for themselves.
  2. Ask them to show you their workout log book.  All good coaches have one.
  3. How thorough is their intake form?  A good personal trainer will need to ask you about 40 questions to build a program for you.
  4. Did they read your intake form carefully?  Personal Training is all about attention to detail.
  5. How does this person track his clients progress?  Can he show their log books?
  6. Do his or her clients write client reviews?
  7. What kind of insurance does this personal trainer have?
  8. How many certifications does this coach have?  Better certifications generally cost more.  Are they certifications where the coach has to travel?  A true pro travels to find the very best mentors to teach him or her.
  9. Does the coach have specialty certifications geared towards your goals?
  10. How many blog articles has this coach written?

Ask the coach what their weaknesses are.  A coach that cannot explain to you where the weaknesses in his or her knowledge base is: A) Lying, B) So inexperienced they don’t know any better, or C) so conceited that he or she cannot recognize their own limitations.  Regardless of their reason… if the coach can only provide you self-serving answers like: I care too much about my clients, I work too hard, I am too devoted, etc.  Move on — and find yourself a real pro to help you.

Overview of Personal Training Standards

If you want to transform your body rapidly, you need an integrated fitness/nutrition approach.  This section asks several baseline nutrition questions to determine whether your new trainer has the requisite knowledge to write you a customized diet plan.

Test the Physical Fitness of your trainer.  There are many different ways to get into great shape, and your coach should practice what he or she preaches. Your new personal trainer should be able to hit at least 60% of the benchmarks set in this book.  Finally, in Section IV we have an example diet from an anonymous client. Once fixing the problems with this client’s diet, we were able to cause this client to drop her body fat from 27% to 14% in 4 months. Section IV provides a copy of her past diet, and require the trainer to determine what needs to be fixed. Your new coach should get at least 80% on this section.

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