Knee Injury Workout Series

Total Body Conditioning with a Knee Injury

We cannot control everything in life — injuries happen.  However, that doesn’t mean working out does not have to come to halt.  Many people think you need to be healthy to join Sand & Steel, but we can help you stay motivated while you are recovering.

One of our clients needed help with working out because of his knee injury.  We wrote 4 workouts for him: Rehab, Core, Strength, and Conditioning.  Since he wants to lose weight, we configured the workout to emphasize calorie burning and some rehabilitation.

Equipment Selection

20151127_084759Battle Ropes- These weighted ropes offer a great way to get in conditioning work using just the upper body with a slight hip hinge.


20151127_084532Assault-Bike- Traditionally this bike uses both the legs and arms at the same time to create maximum power, for this workout we have the feet resting on the pegs and are just focused on the pushing and pulling aspect of the arms.

Slam Balls- A full body extension with minimal knee bend. Power is derived from the hip extension and push down. Using a crash pad or rebounder lessen the blow in case you happen to have downstairs neighbors.


20151127_130354TRX Suspension- The suspension trainer allows us to target the core muscles while having minimal impact on the knee.


In the video above you can see demonstrations of some of the moves from Workouts 3 and 4. Have questions about programming for an injury, reach out and let us know.