Squash Egg Cups and Ham – A Recipe

An Amazing Recipe for Ham, Egg, and Squash Cup by Aimee

Ham, Egg, and Squash Cup Recipe

by Aimee

This great recipe is easy to make.  It can be frozen and microwaved.  It’s also very inexpensive.  Adding in some avocado and an apple transforms this recipe into a perfect 5 out of 5 on the Blueprint Diet.  Try it at home and post a picture on social media.  Got your own spin on this awesome recipe?  Share it! Tag us @sandandsteelfitness.  Best 3 pictures wins a 25% coupon!

Ham Squash Eggs Cup Recipe

Paul: That Looks Delicious — What’s in it?
Aimee: Ham, Eggs, Butternut Squash, Onion, Parsley, and Oregano
So Squash on the bottom?
Yes, under the egg. Then you line the tin with the ham.
Oh… a ham casing — clever.💎
Crack the egg on top and add the garnish
How convenient. Just add some avocado and an apple and you got 5 out of 5 on the BluePrint Diet.
Yum… can’t wait to try this at home.


A Recipe by Aimee

Aimee HeadshotMany thanks to Aimee for this Recipe and Photos.

3 thoughts on “Squash Egg Cups and Ham – A Recipe”

  1. hi ! I am trying to get the recipe for the egg and ham breakfast..but for some reason I can not find it in the page (the actual recipe). do I have to come in the store and get it?

    • I didn’t actually type up the recipe as part of the post. Aimee only provided me with the info you see on the post. Did you have any questions on how to make it? Thank you for writing your comment btw. It’s appreciated.

  2. I’ll share the recipe here so you don’t have to make a special trip to the gym, but a trip in makes for a great time to review your nutrition guidelines and goals with your trainer, and ensure your training session packages are up-to-date before summer flies by!

    I use a formula more than an actual recipe! This formula works for a variety of options – pick a lunch meat, starch, vegetable, etc… and decide what combination you like best! Each cup is approximately 200 calories and a 5/5 balance if you add Paul’s suggestions. You can bake a bunch at once and freeze them for later – just microwave for about 90 seconds.


    Heat Oven to 350.
    Prepare butternut squash cubes until they are just soft (I cubed and microwaved mine)
    Line muffin tins with 2 pieces of ham
    Put 1 spoonful of butternut squash and raw onions on the ham
    (For Paul’s Blueprint diet approved version, add a spoonful of avocado and apple or pear)
    Crack an egg or scramble and pour on over
    Add oregano and parsley on leaves to egg
    Bake for about 20 minutes or until the eggs are set

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