Strengthen Core PostPartum – 3 Ab Exercises After Pregnancy

So your favorite fitness nerd has been reading up exercises to strengthen the core after delivering a baby. I’ve read through 4 of the hottest books (and maybe 10 articles), and I’ve boiled down the advice to these 3 exercises.

Included in the article is an informational video on how to perform these exercises, plus 4 common exercises to avoid.

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Bringing a newborn into the world is an amazing show of strength within the female body, and with that comes post-baby body changes. One of the biggest areas affected by this process- your core.

For some women pregnancy can result in a splitting of the abs or Diastasis Recti– getting back to workout means starting from the ground up. If you think you may have Diastasis Recti it is important to check in with your doctor. You can still work on building your core, but  you need to be careful not to jump back into certain moves which may result in furthering the separation. A weak core can result in lower back pain and other movement issues.

Moves to be avoid as you rebuild your core (especially with Diastasis Recti) are ones that can cause the abdominal muscles to splay/seperate in the movement or sag:

  1. Sit-ups
  2. Planks
  3. Crunches
  4. Bicycle crunches

Even if you are not suffering from a core split- starting from a solid core foundation when you head back to your routine will benefit all. These moves look to realign your abdominal muscles and build a solid core foundation. These moves are great really for anyone looking to reconnect with their core and get engagement. We will have two posts to go over moves you can use to build up your solid core foundation post-baby.

Below is a breakdown of  basic moves to build a solid core foundation post baby. These are designed to fire your core muscles and rebuild that mind/body connection. This movement series is all done from the floor and you will need yourself, a balloon, and a slider. For the slider a paper plate on a carpet or towel if on a hardwood floor will do.

4 rounds:

  • 8 Balloon Breaths
  • 10 Articulated Bridges
  • 10/10 a side One leg Slide

YouTube video

2 thoughts on “Strengthen Core PostPartum – 3 Ab Exercises After Pregnancy”

  1. Great article Paul! This is a subject that comes up all the time in practice. I am glad you recognize how important proper training is for the post natal mom. I love the One leg slide exercises however, those can be difficult so there are several step downs, like toe taps a client can try at first. In addition, I would also add posterior pelvic tilts and single arm abdominal hallow. Ultimately, the progression to the dead bug (ie. Single leg and opposite arm hallow) being the objective. Glad to know I can count on Sand and Steel to take care of all my post natal mommies return to fitness! Best wishes- Dr. Shara

    • Thanks for the comment! For everyone who doesn’t know, Shara is amazing chiropractor who helps people with muscle imbalances and chronic pain.

      The deadbug is a staple at Sand & Steel, and Shara pointed some nice regressions (I like her P/C term “step-down”). For anyone looking to crank the dial higher, the Mutated Deadbug is a personal favorite of mine.

      YouTube video

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