Yoga Alexandria VA Studio Guide

A complete guide to Yoga Alexandria VA. Find the best yoga studios & classes for Hot Yoga, Yoga Alignment, private yoga, and more.

Complete Yoga Studio & Class Guide in Alexandria VA

Alexandria Virginia is one of the best cities to practice yoga. We rounded up all of the top yoga teachers and studios on the list. Yelp ratings are current as the blog post on this post.

Yoga West End Alexandria VA — 22304 Zip Code

Yoga Sand and Steel Fitness
Yoga Sand and Steel Fitness Alexandria VA

Sand & Steel Fitness, 5418 Eisenhower Ave. Alexandria VA

Sand and Steel Fitness | ★★★★★ 52 Yelp Reviews (5.0 Rating).  5418 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria VA 22304.  Sand & Steel offers both private lessons & group based lessons.  They offer a free trial class.  In the private lessons, we customize the flow and asanas to your body.  We correct positioning and find which types of poses are best for you.  Sand & Steel offers both flow-based yoga and our alignment 88 yoga.  In our flow based yoga, we’ll select an appropriate flow for you.  It may be a traditional flow like Ashtanga, Rocket, or Bikram.  It may also be a customized flow that we have built for you like the Shield Flow.  In their Alignment 88 Class they focus on teaching the proper technique for the 88 foundation base poses.  Each base poses has 10-20 pose variants like boat posePrices for private lessons and yoga classes start at $59. (703) 854-9960.

Bikram Yoga of Alexandria, 5416 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA

Bikram Yoga of Alexandria | ★★★★☆ 181 Yelp Reviews (4.5 Rating), 5416 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria VA 22304. Bikram Yoga does both Bikram Yoga and Massage.  The Bikram yoga practice focuses on performing the 26 yoga poses (asanas)  Proponents of the method suggest that these particular poses are the best ones to do, particularly in the recommended sequence.  As a teacher of the Bikram 26 postures, I can say that Bikram Yoga is is very good.  Is it better than Rocket?  Better than Core Power Yoga?  Better than Iyengar?  That depends on whether Bikram Yoga is really what you need.  If you enjoy doing the same practice over and over (like other traditional practices), it can be very good.  Especially if you like it hot. I haven’t tried their massage services, but many people on Yelp have said nice things.

PIES Fitness Yoga, 374 South Pickett St., Alexandria VA

PIES Fitness Yoga|★★★★☆ 45 Yelp Reviews (4.0 Rating), 374 South Pickett Street, Alexandria VA 22304. With the philosophy of “Yoga for Every Body” the West End’s PIES Fitness Yoga has a comprehensive array of offerings. Are you nervous about trying yoga? Check out its “My Body Don’t Bend That Way” class! Try out the studio with its new student special of $40 for four classes. PIES offers discounted rates for students, teachers, seniors and military.

Yoga Old Town Alexandria VA — 22314 Zip Code

532 Yoga Alexandria 22314
532 Yoga Alexandria 22314

532 Yoga, 532 N. Washington St. Suite. 100, Alexandria VA

532Yoga| ★★★★☆ 58 Yelp Reviews (4.5 Rating), 532 N. Washington St., Suite 100, Alexandria VA 22314. In Old Town since 2012, 532Yoga was voted Best Yoga Studio in Alexandria in both 2015 and 2016 by Alexandria Best Businesses. Offering classes ranging from Acro to Iyengar yoga, as well as intensive six week sessions and teacher trainings, 532 has your yoga needs covered! Be sure to check out its boutique selling eco-friendly local or sustainably sourced items.

Radiance Yoga, 701 Prince St., Alexandria VA

Radiance Yoga | ★★★★☆ 58 Yelp Reviews (4.5 Rating), 701 Prince St., Alexandria VA 22314 Radiance is famous for teaching Kundalini yoga.  Kundalini is a more meditative based yoga that featured longer poses.  Radiance yoga also organizes trips and events.  They also have core flexion based classes.

Refresh Yoga Center, 110 King St. 2nd Fl., Alexandria VA

Refresh Yoga Center| ★★★★☆ 48 Yelp Reviews (4.5 Rating), 110 King St. 2nd Fl., Alexandria VA 22314. Refresh yoga studio has variety of options of yoga styles no matter what your skill level is. For beginners, Refresh offers Stretch & Refresh, Connect to your core, Yoga Fundamentals, and Restorative yoga styles. For advanced classes, Refresh provides Strength & Movement, Slow-flow Vinyasa, and Traditional Vinyasa yoga.

Rivers Edge Yoga, 300 Montgomery St., Alexandria VA

River’s Edge Yoga|★★★★☆ 33 Yelp Reviews (4.0 Rating), 300 Montgomery Street. Ste. 201, Alexandria VA 22314. River’s Edge offers Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (both the Primary and Intermediate Series) and many other yoga options such as Yoga For Athletes, Vinyasa Flow, pre– and post-natal yoga, and Yoga Tales for children. Drop in classes are $16 or purchase a five, ten or 20 class pass or monthly membership. Discounts are offered to students, seniors and active duty military.

Vikriya Lab, 106 N. Lee St., Alexandria VA

Vikriya Lab|★★★★★ 6 Yelp Reviews (5.0 Rating) , 106 N. Lee St., Alexandria VA 22314. Vikriya Lab “creates a space for transformation and self-exploration through movement,” through their offerings of yoga, pilates, and Baree classes. Owners Hope Hurlbrink and Laura Schwartz teach Vinyasa bring a combination of passion and expertise to provide you with a unique yoga experience.

Zweeet Sport Hot Yoga, 400 N. Henry St., Alexandria VA

Zweet Sport Hot Yoga|★★★★☆ 33 Yelp Reviews (4.0 Rating), 400 N. Henry Street, Alexandria VA 22314.  Like to sweat? Visit Zweet Sport’s Hot Yoga studio at 400 N. Henry St. (they also have a full fitness studio at 1200 N. Henry). Drop in classes are $18 or you can purchase a class pass or monthly membership. They also offer new student specials (one week/ month of unlimited classes for $25/ $49). Just passing through town? Sign up for Zweet Sport’s $45 Traveler’s Weekly Unlimited special.

Yoga Del Rey Alexandria VA — 22301 Zip Code

Mind the Mat Alexandria VA
Mind the Mat Alexandria VA

Mind the Mat, 2214 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria VA

Mind the Mat|★★★★☆ 33 Yelp Reviews (4.5 Rating), 2214 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria VA 22301. This Del Ray studio, which opened in 2008, offers three unique studios: a modern, climate- controlled hot studio, a barre studio, and its original yoga space. In addition to classes as early as 6am and as late as 8:45pm, Mind the Mat also offers specialized yoga series (such as Yoga for Athletes or beginners) and workshops such as “Yoga for Men” or “Align Your Back.” With a Mind the Mat monthly membership, you can access more than 130 classes a week (between their two locations – the 2nd being in Clarendon) for just $125/month.

Ease Yoga Cafe, 3051 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria VA

Ease Yoga & Cafe|★★★★☆ 33 Yelp Reviews (4.5 Rating), 3051 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria VA 22301 .This newer Del Ray studio has an incredible variety of offerings. With classes ranging from “curvy” yoga to “rope wall” yoga, there is a truly something for everyone at Ease. Ease also offers prenatal and kids yoga classes. Start your day with their Rise and Shine class, hit the lunchtime option, or wind down your day with an evening Candlelight Yin class. Be sure to stop by the Ease Cafe for award winning smoothies, cold-pressed juices, acai bowls, and other healthy treats.

Local Motion Studio, 2377 South Dove St., Alexandria VA

Local Motion|★★★★★ 20 Yelp Reviews (5.0 Rating), 2377 South Dove Street, Alexandria VA 22301. Just outside Old Town is Local Motion Studio, whose mission is to “bring the joy of movement to everyone.” At Local Motion, you can find traditional and aerial yoga, dance (even belly dance!), Pilates and perhaps most enticing for parents, onsite childcare (for most morning classes). Check it out with their $50 for a month new student special.

Yoga in Daily Life, 2402 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria VA

Yoga in Daily Life|★★★★☆ 5 Yelp Reviews (4.0 Rating), 2402 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria VA 22301.  Yoga in Daily Life was the first yoga center in Del Ray! It accommodates people of all fitness levels providing classes in yoga and meditation. Progressive levels of learning and practice guide the student from beginning to advanced levels, so that people of all ages and levels of physical ability can enjoy the profound benefits of this gentle, profound holistic approach. Yoga in Daily Life Alexandria/DC also sponsors humanitarian programs aimed at bettering the local, national, and global community.

Yoga Fairlington VA — 22302 Zip Code

Honest Soul Yoga Alexandria
Honest Soul Yoga Alexandria

Good Vibes, 3541 West Braddock Road, Alexandria VA

Good Vibes|★★★★★ 11 Yelp Reviews (5.0 Rating), 3541 West Braddock Road #206, Alexandria VA 22302. With the mission of “offer(ing) space for every body to experience peace and health in mind, body and soul,” the Good Vibes yoga studio is a welcoming space. Here you will find pre-natal and baby yoga, yoga with aromatherapy, “joint freeing” classes and much more. Good Vibes holds corporate and private sessions as well. Try a two-week new student special for $33. Drop in classes are $18 each, or secure a monthly ($135) or annual ($1,008) no-contract membership.

Honest Soul Yoga, 6470 Landsdowne Center, Alexandria VA

Honest Soul Yoga|★★★★☆ 69 Yelp Reviews (4.5 Rating), 6470 Landsdowne Center. With three levels of vinyasa flow and restorative offerings, Honest Soul Yoga has a class for every level of yogi. Honest Soul runs a variety of workshops and retreats (Kauai in October, anyone?) Private sessions and teacher training programs are also offered. Located just outside the gates of Fort Belvoir, this veteran woman-owned yoga studio offers military members and their families discounted classes. Anyone can try out Honest Soul for $21 dollars for 21 days or consider one of their membership tiers.

Yoga Carlyle Alexandria VA — 22314

Yoga Toka Alexandria VA
Yoga Toka Alexandria VA

Body & Brain, 1630 King St., Alexandria VA

Body & Brain|★★★★★ 15 Yelp Reviews (4.9 Rating), 1630 King Street, Alexandria VA 22314. In addition to yoga, this studio offers tai chi, meditation, detox, and rhythmic movement combined with East Asian healing and energy philosophies. Body & Brain uses a five-step approach to activate the brain through a deep mind-body connection.

Positive Energy, 3223 Duke Street, Alexandria VA

Positive Energy|★★★★★ 14 Yelp Reviews (5.0 Rating), 3223 Duke Street, Alexandria VA 22314. Located in the Alexandria Commons shopping center. Positive Energy Yoga caters to the uniqueness of each person. Students are not forced to attempt or achieve certain poses. Rather, people are encouraged to work within each their ability and comfort levels for the best results. The drop in class fee is $18. Founder Olivia Sheldon also offers private and corporate classes.

Yoga Toka, 3260 Duke St., Alexandria VA

YogaToka|★★★★★ 4 Yelp Reviews (5.0 Rating), 3260 Duke St., Alexandria VA 22314. Yoga Toka prides themselves on being a community of caring people that can connect positively with one another. Students at Yoga Toka can benefit from unique extra items such as essential oils and hot stone therapy. They also offer programs such as deep therapeutic yoga as well as soul and energy healing meditation. They also have special programs after school designed for kids of all ages to help promote joy in movement and self-confidence. Prices range from $65 for an unlimited monthly pass to $20 for a one time drop in pass.

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