BodyBuilding Anatomy Book Review

Bodybuilding Anatomy Book Review

The following review contains a comparison of Bodybuilding Anatomy by Nick Evans to other Anatomy books in the series.   This book, like most Human Kinetics books, is very well illustrated and concise in its explanations.

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But is it as good as Strength Training Anatomy by Delavier?

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No, it’s not.  Strength Training Anatomy 3rd Edition is a magical book, one I have not seen Human Kinetics replicate in any of their attempts.  It’s like that amazing movie that has 4 sequels, but none are as good as the first one.

But as an anatomy book to explain what muscles should be firing and for basic tips on how to do exercise correctly, this book is handy.  It’s concise explanations are great, and the general public would be well served to read this book.

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