Chris Willever Bodybuilding Personal Trainer

Personal Training Certifications

  1. M|WOD – Movement and Mobility Specialist
  2. AED/CPR  Certified

The environment behind me adapting to fitness are at a young age, in fact I believe the whole reason for my further development into this universe is to help people out of pain. It was my outlet, my way to relieve stress and maintain a rugged lifestyle moving around the country with my military parents. developing with my passion for I always thought as a kid there was something to this exercise thing! I also believe that I did it wrong for so many years (mostly mindset and nutrition) and I’m lucky to have made it this far with only absorbing minimal injuries. Most importantly of which is a sore back by exhibiting poor mechanics or the sequencing was not triaged properly behind the major lifts i performed in the past. Also many other things like not having a strong core or being emotionally distracted or not in the right headspace then overhauling and creating new patterns that coincide with my physique goals, weight management and most important keeps me happy. Not just the Kelly Starrett system of organizing the spine, prioritizing its position on lifts, pain free but the collective team communication and the all facts, NO BS I admire so much about Paul, really makes this whole philosophy behind fitness that I gravitate towards naturally, friction free. I can tell you one thing, from someone who has literally chased his fitness tail around in circles for the better part of a decade, I believed what I wanted and I lost. Not until I made the decision to change my fitness goals did life start improving, I’m confident in the delivery and utilization of all knowledge coming from inside these walls, feels good when I know i’m not being lied to or taken for a ride for someone else’s gain. I continue to believe that from age 9/99 with consistent heart rate manipulation nutrition guidelines to follow and a good positivity source With exercise release, human lives change. I’m looking forward to working with you. Have a good day

-Chris Willever

Bodybuilding, strength, aesthetics and nutrition. Habits were established and I loved the results. I began my career to help others avoid the costly dues that bad positioning can lead to and build strong, reliable patterns to avoid such mistakes in the future. Hurting yours back taking out the trash is the same as hurting your back dead-lifting, painful. I don’t like back pain either. The years of staying vigilant takes a new form when it involves movement. Begin feeling and looking better than ever, start showing progress to the ones still just thinking about change, start thinking about your future.

2 thoughts on “Chris Willever Bodybuilding Personal Trainer”

  1. Hi Chris ~

    My name is Marian Russell, and I see in your bio that you coach bodybuilding, powerlifting, and hypertrophy. Do you, or anyone else there, also train people in Olympic lifting? My current oly coach, expectedly, is moving on and I’m looking for somewhere to land.

    • Yes, I train clients in Olympic lifting all the time. I use Greg Everett’s method for teaching the clean, snatch, and jerk. We also teach the technique and training for the kettlebell for these exercises.


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