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I wanted the aesthetics, the muscle, the lifestyle, all of it.  I came to Sand & Steel because of their knowledge in correcting patterns and attention to strict form to prevent injuries in exercises like the press and squats.

I began my career as a personal trainer because I wanted to change my life and that started with a clean diet.  My goal for fitness was hypertrophy pure and simple.  Since, my transformation, I am much happier, I have a lot more confidence and energy.  More than anything else, I found the experience empowering, and I began my career as a personal trainer to help inspire others.

Bodybuilding Transformation Before and After

About Chris Willever

Medball Explosive Chest Press

Bodybuilding Personal Trainer

Hypertrophy and Bodybuilding Style Training • Muscle Mechanics and Balanced Programming.

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  1. Hi Chris ~

    My name is Marian Russell, and I see in your bio that you coach bodybuilding, powerlifting, and hypertrophy. Do you, or anyone else there, also train people in Olympic lifting? My current oly coach, expectedly, is moving on and I’m looking for somewhere to land.

    • Yes, I train clients in Olympic lifting all the time. I use Greg Everett’s method for teaching the clean, snatch, and jerk. We also teach the technique and training for the kettlebell for these exercises.

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