Chris Willever Bodybuilding Personal Trainer

Personal Training Certifications

  1. M|WOD – Movement and Mobility Specialist
  2. AED/CPR  Certified

I’m Chris and i only have a vague idea of why you came here to view my bio and see if I’m a valuable trainer that meets your requirements or who i am as a Coach. I’ve been training for nearly 14 years and only professionally and taking clients here at Sand and Steel for two years. Ive learned that the consistent variable of training/fitness is the variable of success. The more you do it the more you feel in your own mindset and free of the negativity that circles around out of our control. The less you do it the more you feel wrapped up in the whirlwinds if negativity and excuses to not do the things your thinking about if you reading this. All the coaches here, and everywhere have what you need to reach your goals. Fact is your the ones we need to improve and we’re the ones you need to improve, stepping into a new world or back into a pre existing world together takes takes trust and induces life altering changes. We’re ready when you are.

-Chris Willever

Bodybuilding, strength, aesthetics and nutrition. Habits were established and I loved the results. I began my career to help others avoid the costly dues that bad positioning can lead to and build strong, reliable patterns to avoid such mistakes in the future. Hurting yours back taking out the trash is the same as hurting your back dead-lifting, painful. I don’t like back pain either. The years of staying vigilant takes a new form when it involves movement. Begin feeling and looking better than ever, start showing progress to the ones still just thinking about change, start thinking about your future.

2 thoughts on “Chris Willever Bodybuilding Personal Trainer”

  1. Hi Chris ~

    My name is Marian Russell, and I see in your bio that you coach bodybuilding, powerlifting, and hypertrophy. Do you, or anyone else there, also train people in Olympic lifting? My current oly coach, expectedly, is moving on and I’m looking for somewhere to land.

    • Yes, I train clients in Olympic lifting all the time. I use Greg Everett’s method for teaching the clean, snatch, and jerk. We also teach the technique and training for the kettlebell for these exercises.

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