Chris Willever Bodybuilding Personal Trainer

Chris Bodybuilding Personal Trainer
Chris Personal Trainer

Personal Training Certifications

Level 1, Junior Personal Trainer

I grew up admiring  Legends like Schwartzenegger and other lifters, adjusting many styles to my lifestyle and incorporating healthy nutrition into the program of life.   I came to Sand & Steel because of their knowledge in correcting patterns and attention to strict form to prevent injuries in exercises like the press and squats.


  1. M|WOD – Movement and Mobility Specialist (in Process)
  2. AED/CPR  Certified

I began my career as a personal trainer because I was tired of the world passing me by, slow, overweight and unable to bring my life satisfaction meter up.   My goal is to build an aesthetically appealing form, with added strength and conditioning.  Since, my transformation began, I am much happier, I have a lot more and energy and my confidence is improving.  More than anything else, I found the experience empowering,  along the way I began to shift my career as a coach to help inspire others.

Bodybuilding Transformation In Progress

About Chris Willever

Medball Explosive Chest PressView my Bio

Bodybuilding Personal Trainer

• Hypertrophy and Bodybuilding Style Training
• Muscle Mechanics and Balanced Programming
• Sculpting and muscle definition

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  1. Hi Chris ~

    My name is Marian Russell, and I see in your bio that you coach bodybuilding, powerlifting, and hypertrophy. Do you, or anyone else there, also train people in Olympic lifting? My current oly coach, expectedly, is moving on and I’m looking for somewhere to land.

    • Yes, I train clients in Olympic lifting all the time. I use Greg Everett’s method for teaching the clean, snatch, and jerk. We also teach the technique and training for the kettlebell for these exercises.

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