Personal Training Alexandria VA 2015

When planning improvements for the future, it’s important to look back at why you started.  People say, never look back.  That’s crap.  Learn from your mistakes, build on what works, and maintain the core principles that motivated you to start your business to begin with.  It’s those principles that led to your initial success, and it will still be those same principles that will usher you into a better future.

Personal Training Alexandria VA

Personal Training Alexandria VAI’ve been filming Youtube videos and building blog posts for 5 years.  Suffice it to say I’ve gotten a little better over time.  And it’s hard to share some of my earliest works, especially in Personal Training.  Because, Personal Training was and still is the heart of Sand and Steel.  We have carefully and methodically improved our Personal Training formula over the years.   I’m happy to say and see in these early videos shot with our iPhone 3G, that this formula of individually crafted workouts has not changed.  Our methods of coaching are better.  Our organization is better.  Even our gym itself has changed.  But I am to see that our purpose and our values have not.  Personal Training is all about getting the customer the most effective training money can buy.  And 7 years later, we still do it the same way.

-Coach Paul

Below is the original, unedited post demonstrating one our first Personal Training Sessions.

Workout 1

Sandbag High Plank Rollover
Sandbag Ballast Ball Pullover
Ballast Ball Dumbbell 1 Arm Press

Workout 2

Sandbag suitcase to opposite shoulder carry then lunge
Burpees to Ballast Ball Clean
Dumbbell deadlifts
Ballast Ball Wall Support Overhead Dumbbell Squat

Coaching the Medicine Ball Clean

Coaching the Turkish Getup

Thank You Alexandria VA

Thank you for 7 years.  Some of your have been with us from the beginning.  Some of you are first thinking about starting personal training.  And I’ll be there are still some of you that have been thinking about starting for 7 years :-).

You can learn more about our Personal Training Service here.  To schedule a meeting with me, Paul, just book a gym tour.  Let’s get you started with a personal training and your own customized personal training plan.

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