The Power of Diagnostics

What if we could find problems before they turn into injuries?  And if there are injuries, what if we could track down the biomechanical source to repair those injuries.  We would be better…  We would train safer ….

Every workout at Sand & Steel is tested, and customized for the particular individual.  Every client is screened for potential injuries, and their programs modified to improve their mobility and utilize an optimized program for their unique limitations.

Train Safer, Train Better

One of the most important features of our personal training system is our rigorous testing.  We identify weak links, muscle tightness, and joint dysfunction.  We analyze where you are in terms strength, mobility, and conditioning, and we prepare a custom fitness program based on your unique fitness level.

On average, less than 5% of our clients are aware of all of their movement limitations, and that’s why we test them.  To work out safely, you need strong movement patterns.  The FMS and YBT test movement patterns and help us identify where there are imbalances.  Once we know where they are, we can test the muscles to identify the specific weakness.  Once we identify the muscles, we utilize corrective exercises to strengthen the deactivated muscles.  This restores the movement pattern so that you can get back to playing golf, soccer, or whatever is that you like most.

If you knew there was a substantial risk that you would get injured doing a fitness program… you wouldn’t do it right?  What if you could know these risks before you started a new fitness regime? Before you got injured?  You can — that’s how Sand & Steel’s Diagnostics Services works.Paul Roberts

Most gyms (particularly gyms like CrossFits and Orange Theory) attempt to absolve themselves of the associated risks with hurting their clients by having their coaches implement the same program for every client.  Ideally those programs are tested for safety.  Efficient as that may be for the gym, that model is flawed because every person has unique movement limitations and dysfunctions.  A cookie-cutter workout can never be as effective or as safe as a customized one.

FMS Level II and YBT Certified