Powerlifting Alexandria Va

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6-Week Powerlifting Alexandria VA Program

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Powerlifting Alexandria VA Sand & Steel Fitness

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Powerlifting is a strength based program focused on the Bench, Squat and Deadlift. In a lifting program we are focused on gaining strength using the prime moves of Deadlift, Bench, and Squat. By adding in variations on the main lifts (Sumo Deadlift, Romanian, or Front Squat, Incline Bench etc) and adding accessory moves (Dumbell press, Pull ups, Tate Press etc) you quickly gain overall strength.

In a traditional Powerlifting Competition a lifter will have three (3) attempts at each lift to reach maximal strength; these competitions are timed around a lifted peak performance. While you are not required to enter a competition, we will take you through a full training cycle and then retest your lifts.


Young or Old, short or tall anyone can take a up a Powerlifting program and reao the benefits (increased Power, Strength, Bone Density) if they have the necessary mobility and core strength. While everyone can benefit from a lifting program these are complex moves and require a great deal of core control to protect the lifter from injury. Mobility plays a large roll in the execution of the safe execution of these moves. If we feel it is not safe, we will work on the problem areas so you can eventually lift safely and at your full potential


At Sand & Steel we have not only different PowerLifting Alexandria VA programs, but also the latest equipment and tools. If Rogue makes it, we probably own it. From Barbells to Football Bars to Safety Squats and Chains. We are equipped to challenge your muscles and get you the results you desire.

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  • 5/3/1 Powerlifting: uses the 5/3/1 volume and frequency method for the Squats, Bench, Deadlift, and press to provide rapid strength improvements.
  • WestSide “Conjugate” Strength Training: uses the Westside method to build strength through the use of band and chain resisted movements. 4 day cycle involving two max effort days, and 2 dynamic effort days
  • Starting Strength: 4 week training cycle and adding in the Olympic lifts (Clean/Jerk, Snatch) to gain maximal strength through 5×5 sets
  • Glute Powerlifting by Brett Contreras: Programmed in two-week blocks with accessory moves changing every two weeks and incorporating body weight moves.
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Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding

  • Bodybuilding is about shaping your physique to look a certain way with each muscle is trained individually.
  • Powerlifting utilizes compound movements to get the most raw strength
  • Bodybuilding is very high volume, high rep training to create muscle hypertrophy
  • Powerlifting is moderate to low reps at heavy weights- designed to build strength/power
  • Powerlifting is a meant to build maximal strength, bodybuilding is focused on lifting to sculpt the muscle.
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Powerlifting vs. Metabolic Conditioning

  • Metabolic Conditioning is focused on increasing your cardiovascular capacity and weight loss.
  • Power lifting will shape and change your body but the goal is strength and power.
  • Metabolic Conditioning utilizes higher reps with the goal of getting the heart pumping.
  • Both will use compound movements, but with different goals the workouts are different. A heavy squat for Powerlifting vs. Multiple light weight squats in Metabolic Conditioning.
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Powerlifting vs. Functional Training

  • Functional training is a term that is often used, when used here we mean specific training towards a specific goal; i.e. becoming stronger in movements that translate to every day strength.
  • The focus with Functional training is to build your muscles and conditioning to mimic those moves used in every day life and to reduce injury risk.
  • Powerlifting is overall strength towards 1 rep max goals, functional Training is strengthening for every day movements.
  • Functional Training is going to use moderate to no weights for majority of the movements
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Powerlifting and CrossFit

  • CrossFit can get a bad name in the Powerlifting community, but the truth is the stronger you become the more well rounded you will be as a CrossFit athlete.
  • The sport of CrossFit is developing towards the  stronger athlete- not just the fastest. The downside is a lot of CrossFit programming  skips over raw strength and favors volume in the lifts.
  • Building a strong strength base will improve the over all benefit.
  • Powerlifters may scoff at box jumps, but in truth they are a helpful move in practicing leg power, just what you need to stand up a heavy squat.