2 Secret Tips to Rapid Weight Loss

Tip #4: Rapid Weight Loss

Paul, when your clients need to lose weight quickly, what are some of your best tips?

When my clients need to lose weight quickly, I have them implement two eating rules: the 10AM Rule and 52 Hour Weekend Fast.  Here’s how they work.

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Two Secrets to Super Fast Weight Loss Alexandria VA

The 10AM rule:

Here’s how the rule works.  The number calories you eat after 7PM must be less than or equal to the number of calories you eat before 10:00AM.  This helps prevent over-eating at night when inhibitions are down.  Naturally, if you work evenings or workout in the evenings you would need to adjust this rule.  As it is written, this rule assumes you are working out before 5:00PM.  This rule also helps ensure you have adequate amount of calories for breakfast.  Eating a large, healthy breakfast helps with weight loss for most people.

The 52 Hour Weekend Fast:

After 8:00 PM on Friday you are fasting until 10:00AM-2:00PM Saturday Morning.  You are only allowed to eat healthy carbs, fat, and protein.  You can eat for those 4 hours (water and tea are OK at all times.)  Sunday is a full fast until 4AM on Monday morning. Weekends are generally the worst for people making bad decisions, so this fasting rule really helps reign in bad decisions.

Extreme but Not Dangerous Weight Loss

You’ll find that implementing the above two rules will be very challenging.  As long as you are generally healthy (and I recommend seeing a nutritionist or dietitian before following any nutrition advice you read online) following these two rules is perfectly healthy.  Many of our clients have seen extreme results when these rules with the rest of our Origin Nutrition Regime.

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  1. I appreciate that you explained how a 10:00 am rule works that the number of calories you eat after 7 PM must be less than or equal with the number of calories you eat before 10:00 am. I and my sister are planning to lose weight, and we’re searching for the best option that can help us. I will inform my sister that we should try this, and we’ll also consider hiring a nutritionist for us.

    • Hi Andrea,

      I’m glad you liked it. Many client’s I’ve worked with have had great success with using that rule. Obviously, it’s just a piece of the larger weight loss puzzle, but it’s an important piece. If you have a moment to share this article on your social media, it’ll help more people find the help they need. Thanks for being a part of Sand & Steel!


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