Deadlift Variations in Powerlifting – Which One is Best

The Deadlift has 20+ variations. Learn which one is best for you in Powerlifting.

Professional lifters switch between these variations and others on a scheduled basis. In order to get stronger and resistance to injury, you need to train a movement in multiple safe positions. Sumo deadlift, snatch grip deadlift, trap bar deadlift, stiff leg deadlifts, Romanian Deadlift are all good.

The skill of the strength coach is recognizing at what time the athlete should switch between using variation or the other.  The deadlift has many variations, from the Rack Pull or the Clean Grip Deadlift.  When you pick a variation always ask yourself why?  Where is my deadlift at it’s weakest?  When I’m working on my overall strength, I use chains, because I am weakest at the very bottom, and chains increase weight as I pull up.

The best variation depends on the person at a particular time. So learn as many variations as you can. There are right and wrong ways to execute a particular technique. But there isn’t only one right way to build strength in powerlifting.

Switching Deadlift Variations in Powerlifting

When your gains stop going up it’s time to consider switching forms. For most people that is about 15–30 workouts using the exercise (3–4 weeks).

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Safety in Deadlifts and Powerlifting

The deadlift is probably one of the most important exercises you can do.  It’s also one of most dangerous when done incorrectly.  If you are considering adding them to your workout program, see a CrossFit Coach, Powerlifting Coach, or Certified Personal Training Before Beginning.

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YouTube video

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