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Ample Meal Replacement

Convenience meal replacement for nutrition on the go.  See below for a Coupon Code.  400 Calorie, Original Formula in store.

Muscle Energy Techniques Review Book

Muscle Energy Techniques Review and Video

Muscle Energy Techniques provides techniques for testing joint range and then increasing the range of motion through contract and release stretching with a therapist.  In this short book, MET demonstrates how to test, strengthen, and lengthen some of the most important muscles in the human body.  This review discusses some of the techniques provided, and provides additional detail on alternatives.

Group Fitness Classes Alexandria VA

Combo Memberships

With our Combo Memberships you get Group Fitness Classes, Open Gym, and Barbell Club. We offer strength classes, conditioning classes, and stretch based classes. For open gym, you’ll find a gym designed for CrossFit, Olympic lifting, & Powerlifting.  We have top tier cardio gear like a Woodway Treadmill, Echo Biks, Concept 2 Rowers, Ski Ergs, and More.  Come to Barbell Club to get some tips on improving your kettlebell swing, handstand walk, or barbell clean.

Functional Movement Systems Review

Functional Movement Systems Book Review

While very detailed in its explanations of movement, this book is tough to finish.  The information is good, but it’s very disorganized.  It will take a lot of work to learn the SFMA and FMS just from this book, but it can be done.  As for the screens themselves, I use them regularly in my practice.  While they aren’t perfect or comprehensive, no other screen is either.  If you make your way through the first five chapters, you will learn some of principles behind safe and effective training clients.

Open Gym Membership Alexandria VA Virginia

Open Gym Membership

Our Open Gym Membership features specialty barbells & bumper plates for powerlifting and Olympic lifting, kettlebells, dumbbells, rowers, Woodway treadmill, Echo Bike, cable machines, 8 squat racks, Olympic rings, and more. We have Electronic Access, A/C, Parking, & Showers. If you are looking for a open gym membership for powerlifting, CrossFit, or Olympic lifting, you have come to the right place.

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