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Give the Gift of Health!  Our gift cards can be used to purchase any service.  Sand & Steel offers programs for people of all levels.  Improve your health, look and feel better today!  Just select the amount of money you want to use for the gift card.  Include the recipient’s information in the checkout process.

Gym Tour

Gym Tour

The Gym Tour is our “No-Sweat” consultation to discuss your programming, show you the gym, and answer any questions you may have about Sand and Steel Fitness.  We will go over your New Client Intake Form and provide you with our recommendations for personal training, fitness classes, and/or open gym.

Running versus Walking

Walking vs Running — Building safe biomechanics to run safely

How Good is your Running Pattern and Biomechanics?

When it comes to burning calories and improving muscle tone, running is better than walking.  Running creates a superior metabolic effect burns more calories per hour and per mile.  Running versus walking is more effective at building strength and generating EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption).

But running safely requires careful attention to your biomechanics and running pattern. Is your form robust enough to run safely?

Join us as we examine some of the common running patterns that can result in injury.

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