120 Members Strong

Today we are 120 Members Strong.  Are you thinking about becoming our 121st member?  This post explains who we are, and where we are heading in the future.

As a gym, we are diverse in our origins, our religion, and our culture. We are united in our desire to get stronger and move better. We hold each other accountable for working hard in CrossFit classes. We seek out personal training when we need private help.  We support each other through injuries. We celebrate one another’s personal records and successes.

What You Wanted: You asked me to coach a Corrective Exercises Class & Recovery Class — Done.  You asked for a Beginner’s Only CrossFit Class — Added. You wanted a Thanksgiving Day WOD — the Turkey Buster was a success. You asked me to buy better bumper plates, more barbell collars, more barbells, and a second Echo Bike — already installed. You wanted a GHD & a Reverse Hyper — it’s Been Ordered. You wanted more flexible scheduling options, we added it. You wanted the safest gym possible — I am proud to say Mission Accomplished.

Great Things are on the Horizon: I am putting the finishing touches on the 12 Days of Christmas WOD.  Tonight is 12 Rounds of Snatches — definitely come join this Workout.  We are building up a new Barbell Club with elite, signature equipment for those members who are serious about Olympic lifting and Powerlifting.  We are getting an entire IronMind Grip Corner for building grip and hand strength.  We have an elite grade bench press bench on order.  And of course, the Iron Star Games Starts in a month.  This is a safe competition, and everyone should be registering.  We have over $3,000 in prizes we’ll be giving out and it’s going to be an amazing event.  As of the time of this writing we 7 early bird memberships left.

Against All Odds: Today, Sand & Steel is 120 Members Strong. That is up 100% in only 6 months ago — a target I did not think we could reach until January. We have 3 amazing new coaches: Katy, Kyle, and Patrick. We have 4 new classes we added in October and 3 more we adding in November. And we have done that at a time when many gyms are closing and dropping classes. 

Thank You: The reason we have been so successful is not lost on me. You are the reason for our success. I could not have done without your support and your loyalty — especially during these times. I cannot say thank you enough for all the Instagram and Facebook posts. I am humbled by the glowing reviews on Yelp and Google. And the ultimate compliment — so many of you have referred your friends and family. There is no greater compliment than that (plus you get $30 for the referral).

YOUR EFFORTS ARE WORKING ... please keep it up.
So thank you for making Sand & Steel 120 Members Strong.
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