Five Personal Training Tips for Teaching the Kettle Bell Clean

Kettle Bell Clean

95% of beginners make the following mistakes when trying the kettle bell clean:

  1. They pull the kettle bell up with shoulder instead lifting through their hips
  2. They pull the kettle bell away from their body, which consumes more energy and increase risk of injury
  3. They don’t keep their tricep against their chest in the rack position creating shoulder injury risk.
  4. They allow their wrist to turn out creating a risk for hyper extension.
  5. They don’t understand concept of floating the kettle after the pull but before the catch.

The clean, whether a sand bag, barbbell, kettle, whatever is an incredibly powerful and useful move, but it takes practice.

Most personal trainers struggle with it. Β If you’re a personal trainer and would like some tips and training on the clean, feel free to drop by Sand & Steel. Β Just mention you read this blog post, and your first session is on us.

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