Iron Star Games Excuses Opt

Top 10 Reasons Not to Join the Iron Star Games

Have you registered for the Iron Star Games Yet?  No?  Well, your coach will be asking you to register soon.  So I’ve compiled the top excuses you can use as a basis for saying no.  Hint, I’ve also explained why each reason isn’t reflective of the reality of the Iron Star Games. 🙂

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12 Workouts of Christmas Cover Image

12 Workouts of Christmas 2020

Every year I, Coach Paul, has built a Christmas themed workout. And every year, I try to outdo myself. 2020 might not be the year for many great things … but I am happy to say that it will be the year to remember for a CrossFit-themed Christmas WOD. There are many CrossFit Christmas Workouts out there. None compare to this one. Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy WODS to Everyone❄.

120 Members Strong

120 Members Strong

Today we are 120 Members Strong.  Are you thinking about becoming our 121st member?  This post explains who we are, and where we are heading in the future.

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Patrick Tarman Bio

Patrick Tarman – Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Certifications

Personal Trainer

  1. George Mason University: Bachelor’s of Science, Community Health with a concentration in clinical science
  2. CPR/AED Certified
  3. First Aid/ Child First Aid Certified
Back Squat Quote

Powerlifting Class Northern Virginia

In Monday’s Powerlifting Class, we return to the Low Bar Back Squat.  We might be the only gym in Northern Virginia that teaches the low bar back squat.  We know it’s harder to learn, but it is a better squat.  When done properly, you can low bar squat more weight than you can with conventional high bar back squat.  On Monday, we’ll teach you how it’s done.

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SSF Clean Air System

Clean Air System – COVID-19 Protection

One of the most important reason people join a gym is so that they can be healthy for their husband or wife.  So they can be strong to help support their parents.  And so they can be alive and healthy to support their children. You should know exactly how your gym is protecting you.  Here is the Sand and Steel 6 Step COVID-19 Protection Plan.

CrossFit DG Hero WOD

Help us honor and support Airforce Major David Gray “DG” by attending the CrossFit HERO WOD on November 27 and December 4.  Military and Police WOD Free.

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Personal Training Workout Demo

Personal Training Alexandria VA 2015

When planning improvements for the future, it’s important to look back at why you started.  People say, never look back.  That’s crap.  Learn from your mistakes, build on what works, and maintain the core principles that motivated you to start your business to begin with.  It’s those principles that led to your initial success, and it will still be those same principles that will usher you into a better future.

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Thanksgiving CrossFit Workout

Thanksgiving CrossFit Workout

Thanksgiving CrossFit Workout.  The Turkey Buster by Paul Roberts & Katy Oblinger.  Our Thanksgiving Day Workout is November 24, 2020.  It’s a high-calorie scorcher.  Check it Out for Turkey Day.  Free for New Members

We realize that many people are staying home this year, because they want to be responsible. So do we. So get a workout in, socially-distanced, masks required, and safe.
-Dawn & Paul

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Thanks for Your Support

Thank you for all the wonderful selfies, the personal record videos, gym panoramas, and product placement shots. We love seeing your hilarious Instagram stories. And most of all, thank you for showing Alexandria VA your commitment to improving your health and your love for Sand and Steel Fitness. Your Efforts are Working.

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Biden Harris Victory WOD Nov 8 5PM

The 2020 Biden-Harris Victory WOD

The Biden-Harris Victory WOD is October 8th.  This Sunday at 5:00PM.  Can’t make it?  We’ll be doing a partner-variation of this WOD on October 18th.

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