Heart Rate Tracking IG

Group Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart Rate Tracking is coming to Sand & Steel Fitness.  Here’s what you need to know to get the most from your heart rate monitor solution.

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Army Combat Fitness Test Workshop and Training Plan

ACFT Workshop for Army Combat Fitness Test

ACFT Workshop and Workout Plan. Precise instruction on how to train to improve your scores on all 6 Army Combat Fitness Test Events.

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25 Types of CrossFit Workouts CrossFit Near Me Alexandria VA

CrossFit Near Me Workout Templates

25 CrossFit Workout Templates based on CrossFit Near Me.  A comprehensive article covering almost every type of CrossFit workout we do in Alexandria VA. If you are a CrossFit Coach you’ll find this article very helpful for adding variation to your CrossFit Classes.  If you’re new to CrossFit, this article will help you understand the various types of workouts available to your CrossFit Coach.  We cover esoteric workouts like Fight Gone Bad & Death by Reps.  Workouts standards like Tabata and Hi-Low are explained in detail.  And of course we’ll share programming tips on fancier variations such as AMRAP with Buy-in.

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Kim Ruiz Yoga Teacher

Kim Ruiz Yoga Teacher

“Kim brings a sense of professionalism I seldom see in Yoga Teachers.  Organized and well-educated, Kim has exceptionally strong member communication skills.  We are proud to welcome Kim to our Team” – Paul.  SSF Owner.

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Private Boxing Near Me

Private Boxing Lessons Near Me

Thinking about taking private boxing lessons?  Personal Trainer Paul catches up Private Boxing Coach Brian in a one on one interview about the pros and cons of hiring a private boxing coach.  Brian is a both personal trainer and a boxing coach. Brian go through numerous tips on how to get the best workout in boxing, and when to supplement with personal training and other kinds of fitness.

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Wedding Show IG Woo Optimized

Wedding Workout Plan

The Wedding Workout Plan contains everything you need to be shape by your wedding day, and nothing you don’t.  Don’t take chances on your wedding, work with Alexandria’s most trusted personal training team.

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Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning Private Sessions

What is a Strength & Conditioning Private Session?  How does it Work?  Is it better than Personal Training?  Coach Paul Explains All.

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