Vipr Exercises Workouts and Techniques

VIPR Exercises and Techniques

Move Better with the VIPR Exercises
On it’s onset the VIPR is a challenging piece of equipment to learn.  In some ways it works like a sandbag, and it other ways it works like a barbell.  However, it’s best uses are in plyometric movements and long arcing movements.  Sand & Steel is proud to break down the technique of 14 of our favorite VIPR Exercises.

Body Transformation Champion – Kathi Higgins

Body Transformation Champion
Kathi began her journey on our Level 1 program, but progressed through the program at record speed. At 57, Kathi is swinging kettle bells, doing pushups, and showing her friends it can be done at any age.
Kathi’s work at personal trainer center has inspired others, and we’d like to give Kathi a free month on our Origin Online Nutrition System – $299 value.

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