Beyond Stretch

Beyond Stretch Class

Train to move better.  Based on FRC and Kinstretch, Beyond Stretch to improves passive and active flexibility.  Strengthen your end range of motion and control.  Injuries frequently occur when you have passive mobility to get into a position, but not the strength and control to support that position. Beyond Stretch improve your balance and resistance to injury by targeting the muscles that your everyday activities cannot.

weightlifting stretching

Stretching for Olympic Weightlifting – Mobility is power!

Mobility = POWER! If your body isn’t capable of getting in the right angles and positions, it will obstruct the natural trajectory of the barbell, which is STRAIGHT UP! In this article we will go through a set of stretching exercises that will improve your weightlifting. This set of stretching excercises is a “Swiss Army Knife” that every lifter should always have with them.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Virtual Fitness Classes

Virtual Fitness Classes are live, interactive, two-way video classes featuring Yoga & Beyond Stretch.  All workouts can be done with no equipment in a 4 x 6 foot area.  You will be able to talk with coach, see other members, and speak with other members through your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Try a Free Class

Try a Free Class

Want to try a free class at Sand and Steel?  We have free trial classes in CrossFit, CoreFit, Yoga, Beyond Stretch, and SeniorFit.  Get your free class today.

Group Fitness Powerlifting CrossFit Mobility Class

Group Fitness Classes

We offer Powerlifting Strength, CrossFit Conditioning, Beyond Stretch Mobility Classes, and Yoga Alignment Classes.  We design our fitness classes so that they are safe for new members, but tough enough to challenge our long term members. Special attention is paid to fundamentals and quality of movement.

Bench Press Warm-ups

Bench Press Warmups in Powerlifting

Should you do warm-up before bench press in a powerlifting class?  One of our members asked me why we don’t provide warm-ups before our powerlifting classes?  That’s a complex, controversial question.  Here are the top 15 Warm-ups we recommend, a special Bench Press Warm-up Class, and an overarching answer to whether you need to warm-up in a powerlifting class.

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